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The Sport We Love: Football’s Crazy Origins and Facts

6 - The Sport We Love: Football’s Crazy Origins and Facts

The football craze grips the globe every once in a while when the World Cup comes around. It’s been around for a long time although football has been around far longer than the World Cup. If you wonder when football arrived and how it’s been played before, here are a few interesting facts about the sport that most everyone in the world loves.

Football Came from China

Football has been played in some form in China during 476 B.C. It isn’t modern football, by all means; it was then known as cuju. FIFA recognizes that sport as an ancestor of modern football. There is also evidence for it. There is writing that mentions the sport being done as a military drill. The writing also came from the 3rd to 2nd century B.C.

Football is the Most Popular Sport

Football is simply the most watched and followed sport in the world. Some countries have a solid fan base for it to the tune of over 4 billion followers. It is known globally as ‘The Beautiful Game’ and is most popular in Europe, the East, and the West. The World Cup has proven this, with each event culminating as a mini-Olympics.

Football has the Most Points Scored by a Player

Unbelievably, the game has also produced one of the highest scoring players. History states that, in December 1942, French side Racing Club de Lens produced a 16-point game courtesy of a single player. The player with the honor is Stephan Stanis. The club on the receiving end of his onslaught? Aubry Asturies.

England has the World’s First Football Club

Sheffield, England is home to Sheffield F.C., one of England’s oldest football clubs and is also one of the oldest independent football clubs (not connected to an institution). It joined the Football Association in 1863, but years prior, they have played using Sheffield Rules—rules which influenced most of the rules used in the FA’s modern games.

The World’s Highest Scoring Competitive Match

It was April 11, 2001. American Samoa played against Australia in a bid to play in the World Cup. Little did anyone know that the competition would be anything but when the American Samoan side surrendered 31 goals to the Australians. It set a new world record for victory in the World Cup qualifiers by a large margin, with Archie Thompson making quite the record for himself with a barrage of 13 goals for Australia.

There are plenty more history to be made and more records to be broken. However, as long as football is there to connect the people of the world, there is hope that the Beautiful Game will also connect bridges torn by differences.

Football for Health: Reasons Why You Should Play the Sport

5 - Football for Health: Reasons Why You Should Play the Sport

Football has become one of the world’s most beloved sports for a number of reasons. These all point to how simple and efficient it is to play the Beautiful Game. It’s not that hard to learn and there are a lot of people who’d learn to play the sport on the streets by watching games.

That is just one of the reasons why people play and learn football. There are a lot of other reasons that people play it; here are the ‘why’ of people who play it.


Football is a rather simple sport to pick up. Unlike any other sports, all you need is one ball, the space to play it in, and shoes. In some countries, even shoes are sacrificed for bare feet or flip-flop footwear. Grass and cleats aren’t a solid requirement for football, and there is room for improvement; you just have to play it to improve your skills.


Football is not a forgiving sport. It will coax the best out of you and will not give you credit for giving only half of the effort you’d normally give it. The best players always give their best effort in and the results show in the skills and talent they acquire. Your coaches and teammates will expect the best from you too—all the more reason why you should play your best every time.

A Team Sport

With eleven players on the field, you won’t have to carry the load every single time. That’s why most love football; some players may be a cut above the rest, but even they will need their teammates at one time. No single player snogs the spotlight except when they score a goal. It’s a sport that requires your connection to all your teammates at all times.


If there ever was a sport that required you to patiently build up your play until you manage to find an opening, it is football. Most of the time, the ball arrives at your feet and you should quickly pass it or make a move. But half of the time is spend waiting and watching what happens on the pitch. If you’re not attentive, you may find yourself more of a liability to your team than an asset.


Unless you’re a person who loves his or her privacy, players who engage in football often have friends that are from their team. This sport requires you to communicate and when you communicate, you often get a connection to the all the people on the pitch. The end result almost always ends up in friendship.

When you look at it, these reasons are why football has developed into more than a sport. When you’re playing on the pitch, look at the people you play with and see whether you can spot these properties happening on the field.

info2 - Football for Health: Reasons Why You Should Play the Sport
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What’s Wrong: Betting on Sports—the Good and the Bad

4 - What’s Wrong: Betting on Sports—the Good and the Bad

When you bet on sports and the end results of games, it’s a good thing—it promotes the economy and you get the chance to give back to the economy through gambling. On the other hand, it can be bad; you can become addicted to it, which is bad, and on a morality standpoint, gambling is just a bad thing.

Here are a few pros and cons on the benefits of gambling. It can both be good and bad, but we’re not just looking on one result.

11 - What’s Wrong: Betting on Sports—the Good and the Bad

It’s Convenient/You Stand the Chance to Lose Money

When you bet online, especially when betting in sports, you stand the chance to both win and lose money. Online betting is great because it gives you the convenience to gamble even in the comfort of your own home. When you’re lucky, you get to win. However, when you’re not so lucky, you stand to get addicted—and lose a lot of money in the process, which can destroy your life.

Easy to transact/Develop Gambling problems

Betting online gives you the freedom of playing anywhere you want. You can connect your bank account to your favorite online casino and you’re good to go. However, it is this very ease of transactions that breeds the danger of getting addicted. When you’re addicted to gambling, you always try to win back what you lose and you end up using more money in the process.

Sport books benefits/No Discipline

When you play online, there are a lot of casinos that offer benefits for betting away from their brick-and-mortar structure. Some of these include a free game, a free spin, or discounts of any kind. However, you should have a budget plan in place if you want to play. It’s easier to play and lose a lot of money when you’re playing online, especially when your account is connected.

Able to Access Wins Easily/Strictness Can be Hard to Cultivate

When you win online, you can deposit money into your account immediately. The ease of banking online is an added benefit when you win. The problem is you have to be strict about using this money and using it for important things. If it’s this easy to deposit money, it’s even easier to empty it out to bet on sports and odds that may not always be in your favor.

12 - What’s Wrong: Betting on Sports—the Good and the Bad

While there are big problems to betting online, there definitely is an equal—if not greater—amount of pros to lean back on. Betting is fun, but don’t lose yourself in the process.

Bet on It: Why Sports Betting Can be Beneficial

3 - Bet on It: Why Sports Betting Can be Beneficial

Sports betting can be fun. You can always bet on your favorite team in the confidence that they won’t let you down. In the spirit of challenge, you can also bet on the opposing team. You might want to see whether they will win and if they’re going to give your team a run for its money—something that may give you both a good feeling and guilt because you lost confidence in your team.

Gambling is like that. Sports betting can be fickle, but it can be fun if you do the right things.

Amped-Up Entertainment

One of the best feelings in sports is if your favorite team wins. However, what if you’re looking for a different kind of rush? You can watch live AND feel the rush of the win by having a live bet on the game. It’s a double-edge sword—you have the chance to see your favorite athletes complete and, when they win, you also win. Of course, it could be different when they lose.

Big Money is at Stake

While watching, the thought of money you paid will always be at the distant back of your mind. You can have that and you can also win big if you bet on the right team. Instant money and a win! What can be better than that? The better part of it is you ALWAYS win something, whether you bet big or you bet only a small amount.

Discover New Teams

Betting gets you the inside track on a collection of different sports. If you’ve never watched basketball before, you get the chance to study up on teams that may be good. If you’re not a follower of football, maybe you learn about some new teams you’ve never followed before. Gambling on sports can also be a learning experience if you look at it.

Quick, Clean Fun

The fun factor of gambling is that you get entertainment value in two ways. The analogy between playing the sport and having fun being a spectator and a bettor at the same time is that, when you play the sport, you get a workout; when you watch and bet on it, it’s a better feeling—you get the chance to watch your favorite teams compete and you win at the same time.

You can either be a spectator or player but you’d rather watch the game than play in it, right? There’s a different kind of rush when you’re gambling and when you’re playing. The choice, in the end, will always be up to you.

A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them

2 - A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them

Football and sports betting has become an inseparable couple of sorts in recent years. They’re like Batman and Robin or spaghetti noodles and tomato sauce when it comes down to it. Football is a rather popular sport. There’s the big potential of making big money running gambling and sports betting on it, which is why a lot of sports books organizers put up bets.

Another way of creating awareness about your sports book is to partner with a football club. Here’s why it’s effective.

It Attracts a lot of Attention

Football is a sport that is known as a global sport. The English Premier League these days attracts audiences not only from the UK but from other places as well. The Asian market, a large, untapped market with lots of potential, accounts for 40% of viewership. With your name connected to a big football club, you’re sure to turn that into millions of new profit.

You Can Pay so Little to Gain More

188BET is a perfect example of an online betting provider getting max money out of a deal that included Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers. They paid £650K for Wigan and £750K per annum for Bolton. In contrast, Nike is paying Inter Milan €20M per year. The gambling company just paid about 1/20th of the sum Nike paid for two teams.

A Lot of Foreigners Wearing your Logo

In a survey from, the Premier League has about 62.2% expatriates playing for teams in it. That amounts to about 71 different nations—a lot of untapped market. It’s like the whole world’s your market and the people here your audience. Each of them sees your logo and web address on different kits.

Become a Global Brand

Even when you’re dealing with brands that are small-scale, when football players wear shirts with your name on it and when football teams regularly deal with you, you get the benefit of name recall. Audiences who are looking to bet will know which website to go to. Teams that are looking for sponsorships will know who to go to. It’s a win-win situation.

Take Back your Profits

Eventually, it will all come back to you. Even the players themselves are known to bet against other teams from time to time. Players have salaries that are really big and wouldn’t you rather have them spend those salaries on your team than anywhere else? That’s the benefit that big teams and name recall gives you.

Teams are always on the lookout for sports sponsorship. Betting will also become bigger when people see your name on the shirts, emblazoned, with big deals being thrown about.

info1 - A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them
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Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

1 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

In the world of sports betting, almost any sport is fair game. Races in the F1 circuit can become a huge source of bets; basketball in the US is similarly a good sport to make the centerpiece of betting. There are other sports that can become the centerpiece of betting. Once such sport is football, a global sport where anyone can become a star.

If you want to bet on the sport, here’s how you can do it.

Know How to Bet

There are a lot of popular football bets that gamblers love to bet on. The player can choose either:

  • Spread/spreads are bets that are made based on the amount separating two teams. If, for instance, you bet that this team will beat that team by 3 and it happens, you win the bet.
  • Money line/money lines are straightforward bets on a team that wins. When Celtic beats Ranger FC and you bet on the Celts, you get the prize money for the bet.
  • Parlays/Teasers/notwithstanding the parlay part, which is what pirates often bet on, these involve 2 or more teams that gives you smaller prize money but a bigger chance of winning.
  • Propositions/these types of bets allow the bettors to make customized demands on a game. Normally occurring during big matches, sometimes, players are the ones who make bets of this type.

Study the Statistics

1 1 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

When a game ends, sports news always flashes a game’s stats, as well as a player’s stat line, on the screen. While for some it may look like normal numbers, bettors search these signs for statistics on who’s the better team and who had the better player. Bettors then use these to make calculated, educated decisions on which team to root—or bet big—on.

Watch the News

2 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

Most bettors also watch the news for other things. When they’re betting on a team, they will want to know who’s injured and who was traded to better assess the strength or weakness of said team. They then make their bets on the better team. In the case of football, they take into account the conditions of the weather as well as the overall appearance of the pitch as they bet.

Watch your Bankroll

3 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

When you’re betting, sometimes you have to bet small to win big. In the case of most sports, that’s what seasoned bettors do—they don’t empty their bankroll on one bet. They sometimes make bets in inclement to win bigger on a medium-sized budget. Sometimes, they put their chips in a 60:40 amount based on who’s the stronger team or who’s the better performing player.

It might be difficult to bet when you’re starting. However, tips such as this are helpful if you want to start gambling on sports with a big win.