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A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them

2 - A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them

Football and sports betting has become an inseparable couple of sorts in recent years. They’re like Batman and Robin or spaghetti noodles and tomato sauce when it comes down to it. Football is a rather popular sport. There’s the big potential of making big money running gambling and sports betting on it, which is why a lot of sports books organizers put up bets.

Another way of creating awareness about your sports book is to partner with a football club. Here’s why it’s effective.

It Attracts a lot of Attention

Football is a sport that is known as a global sport. The English Premier League these days attracts audiences not only from the UK but from other places as well. The Asian market, a large, untapped market with lots of potential, accounts for 40% of viewership. With your name connected to a big football club, you’re sure to turn that into millions of new profit.

You Can Pay so Little to Gain More

188BET is a perfect example of an online betting provider getting max money out of a deal that included Wigan Athletic and Bolton Wanderers. They paid £650K for Wigan and £750K per annum for Bolton. In contrast, Nike is paying Inter Milan €20M per year. The gambling company just paid about 1/20th of the sum Nike paid for two teams.

A Lot of Foreigners Wearing your Logo

In a survey from, the Premier League has about 62.2% expatriates playing for teams in it. That amounts to about 71 different nations—a lot of untapped market. It’s like the whole world’s your market and the people here your audience. Each of them sees your logo and web address on different kits.

Become a Global Brand

Even when you’re dealing with brands that are small-scale, when football players wear shirts with your name on it and when football teams regularly deal with you, you get the benefit of name recall. Audiences who are looking to bet will know which website to go to. Teams that are looking for sponsorships will know who to go to. It’s a win-win situation.

Take Back your Profits

Eventually, it will all come back to you. Even the players themselves are known to bet against other teams from time to time. Players have salaries that are really big and wouldn’t you rather have them spend those salaries on your team than anywhere else? That’s the benefit that big teams and name recall gives you.

Teams are always on the lookout for sports sponsorship. Betting will also become bigger when people see your name on the shirts, emblazoned, with big deals being thrown about.

info1 - A History of Partnership: Football Sponsorship and the Companies that Bet on Them
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