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Football for Health: Reasons Why You Should Play the Sport

5 - Football for Health: Reasons Why You Should Play the Sport

Football has become one of the world’s most beloved sports for a number of reasons. These all point to how simple and efficient it is to play the Beautiful Game. It’s not that hard to learn and there are a lot of people who’d learn to play the sport on the streets by watching games.

That is just one of the reasons why people play and learn football. There are a lot of other reasons that people play it; here are the ‘why’ of people who play it.


Football is a rather simple sport to pick up. Unlike any other sports, all you need is one ball, the space to play it in, and shoes. In some countries, even shoes are sacrificed for bare feet or flip-flop footwear. Grass and cleats aren’t a solid requirement for football, and there is room for improvement; you just have to play it to improve your skills.


Football is not a forgiving sport. It will coax the best out of you and will not give you credit for giving only half of the effort you’d normally give it. The best players always give their best effort in and the results show in the skills and talent they acquire. Your coaches and teammates will expect the best from you too—all the more reason why you should play your best every time.

A Team Sport

With eleven players on the field, you won’t have to carry the load every single time. That’s why most love football; some players may be a cut above the rest, but even they will need their teammates at one time. No single player snogs the spotlight except when they score a goal. It’s a sport that requires your connection to all your teammates at all times.


If there ever was a sport that required you to patiently build up your play until you manage to find an opening, it is football. Most of the time, the ball arrives at your feet and you should quickly pass it or make a move. But half of the time is spend waiting and watching what happens on the pitch. If you’re not attentive, you may find yourself more of a liability to your team than an asset.


Unless you’re a person who loves his or her privacy, players who engage in football often have friends that are from their team. This sport requires you to communicate and when you communicate, you often get a connection to the all the people on the pitch. The end result almost always ends up in friendship.

When you look at it, these reasons are why football has developed into more than a sport. When you’re playing on the pitch, look at the people you play with and see whether you can spot these properties happening on the field.

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