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Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

1 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

In the world of sports betting, almost any sport is fair game. Races in the F1 circuit can become a huge source of bets; basketball in the US is similarly a good sport to make the centerpiece of betting. There are other sports that can become the centerpiece of betting. Once such sport is football, a global sport where anyone can become a star.

If you want to bet on the sport, here’s how you can do it.

Know How to Bet

There are a lot of popular football bets that gamblers love to bet on. The player can choose either:

  • Spread/spreads are bets that are made based on the amount separating two teams. If, for instance, you bet that this team will beat that team by 3 and it happens, you win the bet.
  • Money line/money lines are straightforward bets on a team that wins. When Celtic beats Ranger FC and you bet on the Celts, you get the prize money for the bet.
  • Parlays/Teasers/notwithstanding the parlay part, which is what pirates often bet on, these involve 2 or more teams that gives you smaller prize money but a bigger chance of winning.
  • Propositions/these types of bets allow the bettors to make customized demands on a game. Normally occurring during big matches, sometimes, players are the ones who make bets of this type.

Study the Statistics

1 1 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

When a game ends, sports news always flashes a game’s stats, as well as a player’s stat line, on the screen. While for some it may look like normal numbers, bettors search these signs for statistics on who’s the better team and who had the better player. Bettors then use these to make calculated, educated decisions on which team to root—or bet big—on.

Watch the News

2 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

Most bettors also watch the news for other things. When they’re betting on a team, they will want to know who’s injured and who was traded to better assess the strength or weakness of said team. They then make their bets on the better team. In the case of football, they take into account the conditions of the weather as well as the overall appearance of the pitch as they bet.

Watch your Bankroll

3 - Place your Bets: Sports Betting Series—Football Bets

When you’re betting, sometimes you have to bet small to win big. In the case of most sports, that’s what seasoned bettors do—they don’t empty their bankroll on one bet. They sometimes make bets in inclement to win bigger on a medium-sized budget. Sometimes, they put their chips in a 60:40 amount based on who’s the stronger team or who’s the better performing player.

It might be difficult to bet when you’re starting. However, tips such as this are helpful if you want to start gambling on sports with a big win.

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