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The Sport We Love: Football’s Crazy Origins and Facts

6 - The Sport We Love: Football’s Crazy Origins and Facts

The football craze grips the globe every once in a while when the World Cup comes around. It’s been around for a long time although football has been around far longer than the World Cup. If you wonder when football arrived and how it’s been played before, here are a few interesting facts about the sport that most everyone in the world loves.

Football Came from China

Football has been played in some form in China during 476 B.C. It isn’t modern football, by all means; it was then known as cuju. FIFA recognizes that sport as an ancestor of modern football. There is also evidence for it. There is writing that mentions the sport being done as a military drill. The writing also came from the 3rd to 2nd century B.C.

Football is the Most Popular Sport

Football is simply the most watched and followed sport in the world. Some countries have a solid fan base for it to the tune of over 4 billion followers. It is known globally as ‘The Beautiful Game’ and is most popular in Europe, the East, and the West. The World Cup has proven this, with each event culminating as a mini-Olympics.

Football has the Most Points Scored by a Player

Unbelievably, the game has also produced one of the highest scoring players. History states that, in December 1942, French side Racing Club de Lens produced a 16-point game courtesy of a single player. The player with the honor is Stephan Stanis. The club on the receiving end of his onslaught? Aubry Asturies.

England has the World’s First Football Club

Sheffield, England is home to Sheffield F.C., one of England’s oldest football clubs and is also one of the oldest independent football clubs (not connected to an institution). It joined the Football Association in 1863, but years prior, they have played using Sheffield Rules—rules which influenced most of the rules used in the FA’s modern games.

The World’s Highest Scoring Competitive Match

It was April 11, 2001. American Samoa played against Australia in a bid to play in the World Cup. Little did anyone know that the competition would be anything but when the American Samoan side surrendered 31 goals to the Australians. It set a new world record for victory in the World Cup qualifiers by a large margin, with Archie Thompson making quite the record for himself with a barrage of 13 goals for Australia.

There are plenty more history to be made and more records to be broken. However, as long as football is there to connect the people of the world, there is hope that the Beautiful Game will also connect bridges torn by differences.

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