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Winner’s Circle: The Best Football Clubs in Scotland

9 - Winner’s Circle: The Best Football Clubs in Scotland

Asking who’s at the top of the pecking order of Scottish football is hard. Most people have their own choices; some would point out football clubs from their city. Others would pick football clubs based on the number of titles won and the quality of competitions they regularly battle in. There are others who would pick their choices based on who’s leading the league at the moment.

There are a lot of ideas that can be used to justify picking the best of the best of Scotland’s premier clubs. However, here’s a list based on financial success.

Top: Celtic (£46.6 million worth)

The current kings of Scottish football haven’t been doing as well as they have in the past. They’ve missed qualification for the UEFA Champions League for the second year running. However, it’s hard to argue the team’s success; they are still, by far, Scotland’s most successful football club in terms of financial stewardship.

Second: Rangers FC (£31.5 million worth)

It’s only fitting that, on the heels of the kings, are the next-best positioned opponents to take the crown away. Years of financial limbo relegated the once-proud club to the least of the league in 2012. While they haven’t tasted Premier competition in quite a while, they’ve also made bold strides; they’re in line to win the Championship and secure a position in the top flight while doing so.

Third: Hibernian (£14.9 million worth)

The Hibs have been languishing in the second tier of Scottish football for quite some time. While not suffering the same fate as some of the more unfortunate Scottish football clubs—rival Hearts are a good mention—they haven’t met with the success they’re seeking. That being said, they’re on the rise, threatening Rangers for the right to move into the top tier of competitions.

Fourth: Kilmarnock (£10.9 million worth)

Ayrshire has very little to smile about this season. In the recent years, fans of the club have voiced out their displeasure in new and interesting ways. However, the thing remains that Rugby Park is not okay. The season’s start is only the beginning; a slate of poor results may ignite the powder keg waiting to explode.

Fifth: Aberdeen (£7.3 million worth)

Ah, the Dons. They’re one of the football clubs in Scottish football that have enjoyed quite the renaissance. Under a new manager in Derek McInnes and a dedicated board, the club has enjoyed some pretty good football. The sold-out games are quite the icing on the cake as well.

In the world of football, a club may find itself on top or bottom in the blink of an eye. The key is to keep kicking and plowing through even through the tough times.

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