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No one really knows what happened on that July 1937 day. On that day, July 2, Chesterton, Staffordshire, in England lost 30 men with 8 more injured. The disaster happened due to fire and a few explosions. It was a big problem and a huge disaster if only because management decided to risk the lives of the coal workers in trying to seal the coal seam—a decision that had people vilify them.

The Rangers FC, however, had an idea—they thought of the workers and the people who had lost their loved ones. In this light, they chose to participate in the Loving Cup games, a toast to the Queen. This took place every New Year before the first game at Ibrox. What happened during that year was the Rangers FC travelling to Stoke City’s Victoria Ground, upon invitation, in which they were to play a match that would raise funds to aid the victims of the Holditch Colliery disaster.

The match ended in a cracker with neither sides backing down. It ended in a scoreless draw for the clubs. It was also enough to raise an amount of £2,000, good enough as help to the dependents of the people who depended on the miners who lost their lives. In an act of goodwill, Stoke chairman Sir Francis Joseph gave his own personal Loving Cup to the Rangers—a cup that was one of only thirty that was specially cast from a single mould. The exchange? A toast to the monarch’s health of every year that was to be carried out before each New Year’s first home match.